Will notorious graffiti artist 'Banksy' attend the Oscars?


To some, graffiti can be a work of art. And the fine line between vandalism and genius is the premise of the documentary "Exit through the Gift Shop."

The British street artist known only as "Banksy" is causing quite a stir in a category not normally known for controversy. Like most street artists, Banksy's identity is secret. So the question is whether the mystery man will actually attend Sunday's Academy Awards.

"If he got an Oscar and went up to pick it up, I would lose total respect for him," said Ngene Mwaura, a Los Angeles-based artist

He says a lot of artists are worried that Banksy's mystique will be co-opted by Hollywood.

"There's that element," said Mwaura. "Just don't lose that, man. Come on."

No one knows for sure if Banksy is in town, but images that are painted in his style have been popping up around Los Angeles for weeks.

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to Banksy's fame is the fact that his tags don't last very long. They're often stolen or removed.

No one really seems to know if Banksy will attend the Academy Awards, but there's one thing that even his critics acknowledge - if his goal was to operate in secrecy, that won't be easy when an Oscar is involved.

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