Man fires gun after police serve warrant in Oakland


The incident began at about 8:40 a.m. when police attempted to serve a search warrant on a burglary suspect in West Oakland on Sycamore Street. A team of officers were getting ready to enter the house when someone inside peaked out a window and then bolted out of the home. The suspect jumped over a fence, pulled out a gun and fired a round into the air. At that point, Oakland officers joined Berkeley police and the man who fired the gun was caught on the street behind a house.

"Because it's a difficult challenge for us, we are still trying to piece together some of the narrative. Perhaps he'll admit it, perhaps he won't - whether the suspect shot at the officers or intended to shoot the officers, but we do know is that he fired a round and that is concern enough for us to have this kind of activity," said Berkeley Police Department Sgt. Mary Kussmiss.

One other man was arrested, police are not saying for what. The burglary suspect that police were looking for still has not been arrested.

Police were using a metal detector to search for the gun that the suspect potentially threw somewhere behind a house, but it is unclear whether the weapon was found.

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