New nightclub shooting surveillance video released

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The reason police released the surveillance video, taken from inside the club, is because they have no idea who the man is seen dragging out the victim. The unidentified suspect went directly to Humberto Sanchez, who is also the club's owner. He was sitting in the back of the club.

"To the rear of the club you have the unidentified subject attempting to kidnap the owner, he's armed, wearing a green bullet proof vest, he's able to grab the neck of the owner and drag the owner outside the club," San Jose Police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said.

The suspect forced him out the front door at gun point. Police say the suspect was trying to kidnap Sanchez over an outstanding debt which may have involved drugs. Once outside, Sanchez managed to break free and ran away. But the unidentified suspect ran off camera, and that's when police say, he shot Sanchez.

"Clearly on the tape he's armed and he's wearing ballistic armor, and that is indicative of somebody who has thought out this crime carefully ahead of time," Dwyer said. "A very dangerous individual. This person is still somewhere on the streets."

Sanchez survived the shooting. But the other man police are still looking for is the getaway driver. He is 32-year-old Hector Milla of Salinas, also known as "Mono."

Police hope the photos and video will jar someone's memory. Jesse Aguirre knows the victim.

"[He was] very down to earth, very helpful to the community especially to the Mexican community. I was like puzzled why would anyone want him?" he said.

"We believe narcotics somehow play a role. To what extent, it was a debt or it was a robbery, we don't know," Dwyer said.

Since the shootings, the club has been closed.

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