Travelers returning from Japan get emotional welcome

March 12, 2011 6:55:05 PM PST
There were some emotional reunions at SFO as hundreds of Bay Area residents made their way home from Japan. The first of a handful of flights landed from Tokyo and those who returned home were either on their way to the airport, or at the airport when the earthquake struck.

It freaked me out a little bit. The ground was moving in every direction and it was really hard to walk. The bus was flying up and down, off the ground," Cindy Hudson said.

"After the aftershock hit, you can see a train go up a foot and half that was parked next to us," Ken Klamondon said.

Both of Tokyo's main airports are back open, now. A Japanese rescue team jumped on a plane to fly home on Saturday. They were in the Bay Area training with the Menlo Park Fire Department, when the quake hit. Six of the twelve rescuers departed, two of them have lost their homes and one man's mother is still unaccounted for.