Consumers' Checkbook compares grocery prices

Consumers' Checkbook took the same grocery list of 152 items to supermarkets all around the Bay Area and it found the best prices at WinCo, Food Maxx and Target. The survey says you can save $1,500 to $2,000 a year shopping at those stores for your groceries.

A customer survey rated Draeger's, Lunardi's and Berkeley Bowl best in quality for fresh produce. And Draeger's, Lunardi's and Andronico's ranked first, second, and third for best quality meats.

"Lunardi's, Andronico's get terrific ratings in terms of quality and service. Unfortunately, you pay more for those. So compared to Safeway or Lucky's you would expect to pay about 17, 18, 19 percent more if you shop at Andronico's," said Robert Krughoff from Consumers Checkbook.

Consumers' Checkbook is making its survey and rankings available to ABC7 News viewers free of charge for one week.

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