Lowell Elementary receives academic award

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The school won the state's Title I Academic Achievement Award after winning the California Distinguished School award last year.

The award is given to schools that receive federal Title I funds as part of the largest educational program for K-12 education. The funds help schools meet the educational needs of students living near or at the poverty level.

To qualify for the award, schools must show that students are making significant progress on California's academic content standards. Schools must also demonstrate that socioeconomically disadvantaged students doubled the achievement targets set for them for two consecutive years.

Principal Jodi Lax said in a statement that Lowell has increased the academic performance index for its disadvantaged students by 160 points in the last four years.

"Since we have surpassed the 800 mark for all of our significant subgroups, the state's goal is for us to maintain our achievement," Lax said. "Rather than remain stagnant, our low SES students grew 22 points last year."

In a congratulatory note to Lax and fellow principal Emalie McGinnis, San Jose Unified School District Superintendent Vincent Matthews said, "Lowell's staff, students, parents and community have created a learning environment that fosters high academic goals for everyone." A ceremony for Lowell and other schools that won the Title I Achievement Award will be held in Disneyland.

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