Pizza restaurant vandals will get probation


Timothy Tucker, 33, the former manager of Extreme Pizza in San Rafael, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor and felony vandalism charges, Marin County Deputy District Attorney Geoff Iida said.

Sean Clymer, 27, a former Extreme Pizza employee, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor vandalism charge.

Clymer accepted a plea agreement offered by the district attorney's office, and Tucker agreed to a plea agreement proposed by Judge James R. Ritchie, Iida said.

The men were arrested Feb. 3 when they were caught spray painting the bright yellow Pizza Orgasmica eatery at 812 Fourth St. around 3 a.m.

They tried to dispose of spray paint cans and latex gloves in a Dumpster when police arrived at the scene, San Rafael police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher said.

The graffiti included the words "Go Home" and other slogans on Pizza Orgasmica and on the Sushi to Dai For restaurant next door, Iida said.

Iida said both men claimed they were intoxicated at the time.

Tucker pleaded guilty Monday to one felony vandalism count regarding Pizza Orgasmica, a misdemeanor vandalism count at the sushi restaurant, and misdemeanor possession of graffiti vandalism tools, Iida said.

Tucker also was caught Jan. 12 with a stencil of an umbrella that he used to spray paint the Bank of Marin, the Taqueria El Farolito and two electric circuit boxes in San Rafael, Iida said.

He received a warning and agreed to clean up the graffiti, Iida said.

Tucker and Clymer, who also pleaded guilty on Monday, were ordered to pay $7,294.50 restitution to Pizza Orgasmica and $400 to Sushi to Dai For, Iida said.

Tucker was the manager of Extreme Pizza before he was fired following his arrest in February. He and Clymer will be sentenced May 9.

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