Jury in Barry Bonds trial begins deliberations


During Friday's deliberations, the jury sent two notes to the judge asking if they could revisit two items from the trial.

The jury will begin Monday morning hearing Kathy Hoskins' testimony read back to them. Hoskins is Bonds' former personal shopper who says she saw Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson inject the slugger in the navel area before a 2002 road trip. She testified Bonds told her, "That's a little something something when I go on the road. Can't detect it. Can't catch it."

Hoskins was arguably the strongest witness of the trial. She cried nearly the entire time on the stand, saying she did not want to be there testifying against Bonds, but that her brother Steve had thrown her under the bus.

Friday, the jury listened again to the secret ballpark audio recording Steve made of Anderson talking about injecting Bonds.

"The common factor between the Hoskins, Steve Hoskins' tape and the Kathy Hoskins testimony is evidence that Barry Bonds was getting injections from Greg Anderson; that certainly would support one count and if the jury is now focusing on that count, they've heard evidence that could lead to a conviction," ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson said.

Johnson says it is clear the jury has rejected the defense argument that Bonds must be acquitted because of a technicality -- that whatever he told the grand jury, truth or lie, had no impact on the grand jury process.

"The jury is creating for itself what they lawyers did not create, which is essentially a list of bullet points that either support conviction or acquittal, they're putting the pieces of this puzzle together for themselves and they have to because the lawyers didn't," Johnson said.

Bonds' former trainer Greg Anderson has served more than a year in prison for him combined refusals to testify against Bonds. Friday he was released from prison for the latest incarceration of three weeks.

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