Giants beef up security ahead of Dodgers series


Authorities are not saying exactly how many police officers will be out near the ballpark Monday, but it will be the same level of security the Giants had for the World Series.

Giants fans promise they will be on their best behavior come Monday's game against the Dodgers, just do not expect them to say anything nice.

"Giants fans are a lot classier in the sense they wouldn't take it that far," fan Kacy Perusina said.

In the Bay Area, that is about as close to a compliment a Dodgers fan will get outside AT&T Park.

For the first game between the two rival teams since a Giants fan was severely beaten as he left Dodgers Stadium security will be higher than ever.

"Even above and beyond a normal Dodger game, we've gone above and beyond that," Giants Senior Vice President of Security and Operations Jorge Costa said.

There will be uniformed officers inside and outside the park, on foot, even on motorcycles. The head of security at the ball park is monitoring social networking sites. He has even consulted with a behavioral psychologist to analyze the crowds.

"This is zero tolerance, we know going into it there's a percentage of people that are not interested in the game and there's no room for that," Costa said.

Bryan Stow remains hospitalized and heavily sedated. His family has launched a new website where many Dodgers fans are sending get well wishes.

Clearly, the rivalry still goes on, but Giants fans promise Monday, it will all be in good fun.

"At the end of the day, I think it was a couple bad eggs, people who are truly not Dodgers fans," fan Kiernan Raffo said.

The Giants-Dodgers rivalry is nothing new. The head of security here says it is not just what happened in Los Angeles that is behind the increased security, it is that coupled with all the pride Giants fans have in the wake of their World Series win.

Monday's game will be dedicated to Stow.

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