Dog owner injured during pit bull attack on husky

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Dawn Marcia Wilson bears the unmistakable signs of a brutal attack. It happened around midnight as she walked her almost 13-year-old husky "Shadow" at Cataldi Park in San Jose. Suddenly two pit bulls attacked her dog. She tried to intervene, but her effort to protect her dog led to bites, a split lip, and cuts that required stitches.

"These dogs did not seem to want to attack me, and I can't say that that would be true for the next person that comes along, but they didn't seem to be interested in me as a person," Wilson said. "They were after the dog."

Her dog's injuries were so extensive that the emergency vet recommended that she be put down. The pit bulls had no collar or tags, so San Jose's animal care agency is combing the neighborhood and checking past reports of unleashed dogs.

"We haven't been able to make contact with those owners yet. We do plan on doing it," Sgt. Jay Terredo with San Jose Animal Care & Services said. "We did an extensive patrol this morning as far as any matches, but so far no leads at this point."

The victim is quick not to condemn the pit bull breed. She previously owned a pit bull.

"I believe that pit bulls are the way they are because of the treatment and the training, if you will, that they get from their owners," she said.

Cataldi Park draws many users, including children and their parents, and other pet owners.

"It's like a really peaceful park to come to," Cataldi Park dog walker Eric Chung said. "I take my dog here three to five times… and there have never been any incidences of dogs attacking anybody."

Wilson also contacted San Jose police but was told they would not take a report. She was told animal care officials will handle the case.

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