The benefits of wedding insurance

The preparations may be on a grander scale in London than for the rest of us, but any wedding is a big deal – time-consuming to plan, expensive and hopefully a one-time event.

So part of that planning for the royals -- and you -- should include a plan "B" in case something should go wrong.

"One of the things you want to consider is some insurance to provide some financial backstop to that investment you make in your wedding," says Tully Lehman of the Insurance Information Network.

Wedding insurance. It's something Prince William might want to consider. After all, ABC7 meteorologist Spencer Christian has been going over his forecast for the big day and there could be problems.

"I've looked at the computer models and all the local forecasts from reporting stations in the London area and they are calling for about a 70 percent chance of rain on Friday at 12 noon, London time, which is the time the wedding is supposed to take place," says Christian.

Still, it would be nice to have insurance to pay for rescheduling.

"If you do have an outdoor venue, you want to look into the possibility of bad weather," says Lehman. "That can happen and you can get coverage for that sort of event."

If someone slips and gets hurt at the wedding or the venue is damaged, insurance will cover the costs. And if the wedding pictures don't turn out well for the royal couple, insurance would cover that, too.

"What it will cover is to, in some policies, be able to bring the key people of the wedding party back to the site of the wedding to restage those photos and take the photos over again," says Lehman.

The average wedding in America runs about $25,000 these days. The cost to insure it? About $400. Prince William would have to pay a bit more.

So what isn't covered? Cold feet. If either Prince William or Kate decide to call the whole thing off, they would not be covered.

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