Students honored for donating money to Japan


The students of Northgate High School have a lot to be proud of. The Asian Student Association there has given to charity and they've done it smartly.

Multicultural week at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek is a time to honor diversity and raise some cash. The Asian Student Association usually sells meals to fund their programs, but this year, the students wanted to give to disaster relief in Japan. However, they didn't want any of the money to be wasted, so they didn't even want to spring for a cashier's check.

"I didn't know of any organization that would donate all of our money, like all of it, to Japan directly. So I contacted [7 On Your Side] thinking that you would know what kind of organizations wouldn't take any fees from our money," said student Jillian Lee.

And that is how I ended up on campus with local Red Cross board member Ruth Rosenberg. The Red Cross didn't need a cashier's check from the students, Rosenberg could give the students a receipt and she ensured that every single dime of their money will get to Japan.

"We have a thing called 'donor intent' where we will put those funds directly towards the effort that you'd like," said Rosenberg.

So we counted out the money and they had $813.25. And then the Red Cross takes this opportunity to honor Lee and the Asian Student Association.

"We are just so honored and wanted to say thank you for you, as well as all of you for supporting in this effort for the relief efforts, so thank you very much. Thank you all," said Rosenberg.

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