Clock ticks down on May 21 rapture prediction


"That separation will begin, will happen on this coming Saturday, when God will begin bringing judgment on the unsaved," Camping said in an interview with ABC7.

Camping has drawn plenty of skeptics, including Pastor Ben Daniel of San Jose's Foothill Presbyterian Church.

"I think the prediction is, honestly, kind of silly," Daniel said.

Still, Camping has made it his duty to warn all humanity with a global ad campaign.

Call it a sign from God, a really big sign, telling drivers that life on earth will end abruptly at 6 p.m. on May 21. The billboard along I-80 is one of thousands all over the world, including Asia and the Middle East. A spokesman for Camping's group, Family Radio, says God made the billboards happen, although he acknowledges money also played a role. When asked how much they paid for the billboards, he says they were a "pretty good bargain."

In front of Family Radio's Oakland headquarters Friday, some different signs appeared. While some might argue that the coming apocalypse is a great reason to sit down for a big, juicy steak, animal rights group PETA says the end of the world is a great time to turn vegan.

"If it's the last thing you do, you want to make it a compassionate action, right?" PETA spokesperson Carrie Snider said.

A passer-by dressed in full apocalyptic get-up would not talk to ABC7on camera, saying he was worried his comments might be used out of context sometime in the "future."

As for the skeptical pastor?

"My prediction for the future? Is unfortunately, the bad news is I don't think the Giants are going to win the World Series again," Daniel said.

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