Garridos sentenced in Jaycee Dugard kidnapping


Dugard, now 31, did not attend the sentencing because, in a statement directed at the Garridos, she said, "...I refuse to waste another second of my life in your presence."

The Garridos looked down while Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, shook like a leaf and cried while she read emotional statements from her daughter, as well as herself. For the portion directed at Phillip, Jaycee said she hated every second of every day the 18 years she spent in captivity and told him he stole her life.

"What he said to me was 'I agree with what they said,'" said Susan Gellman, Phillip Garrido's attorney. "For whatever else people say or think about him, he feels very remorseful and very bad about what he did and that was the reason he plead guilty."

The judge gave the serial sex offender 431 years to life in prison, telling Phillip he re-invented slavery and had no soul, at one point calling his treatment of Dugard evil and reprehensible. Nancy got 36 years to life which means she could be eligible for parole in her 80s. Dugard said what Nancy did was also evil.

"She wanted Jaycee to know that she is sorry for what she did and she said, 'There's no way I can express that. I stole your life,'" said Stephen Tapson, Nancy's attorney.

During the sentencing, new details emerged about Dugard's kidnapping back on June 10th, 1991 from her South Lake Tahoe neighborhood. The judge said the Garridos had gone shopping for a young girl when they snatched the 11-year-old off the street. Phillip used a Taser to subdue her. The rest we know -- they held her in their Antioch backyard compound for 18 years, four months and 16 days. By then Phillip fathered two daughters with his victim.

UC Berkeley Police Officer Allison Jacobs, credited for starting the chain of events that led to Dugard's rescue could not believe the details.

"Being a mother, I could not hold back my emotion on that. It was appalling what she went through," said Jacobs.

Katie Callaway Hall is a previous victim of Phillip Garrido, she said she's glad he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison.

"I would like him to know that I hope he rots in hell," said Callaway Hall.

Parts of the grand jury transcripts were released on Thursday and we would like to warn you, some of the details are graphic. Phillip sexually assaulted Jaycee once a week for the first three years after the kidnapping and once she got pregnant and had the first baby, he assaulted her every two to three months. Once she had the second baby, he stopped.

Just outside the city limits of Antioch, the house where Dugard was held captive for all of those years, remains boarded up and fenced off. It has been empty since the Garridos were arrested two years ago. The neighbors told ABC7 they are glad that the Garridos are going to prison, but one said Phillip should have been given the death penalty.

"Just, you know, eliminate that person because there's no sense in just... he's not going to live 400 years. It makes no sense to convict somebody of 400 years when you know we have maybe 20-30 years left," said neighbor Thomas Gaidy.

Investigators spent weeks combing the property for evidence of other kidnappings, but nothing of significance was found.

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