Iran hikers being assaulted, colleague says


During her imprisonment, Shourd says a guard threw colleague Josh Fattal down a set of stairs because he took extra food. Shourd also said her fiancee Shane Bauer was thrown against the wall of his cell unit until his head began to bleed.

Up to this point, Shourd had been reluctant to criticize the Iranians over their situation but she decided to talk about it now because she fears her colleagues' situation could get even worse.

"I just didn't believe that it was possible that Iran could still be holding them this much longer," Shourd said, "so I feel I need to speak their truth. I can't hold back anymore and none of us can, the families we all feel we need to speak out truth and talk about what's happening to Shane and Josh."

Shourd said she revealed just once incident that took place during her captivity in Iran and suggested it could happen again.

Shourd says both men are no longer allowed to receive letter and have been permitted three brief phone calls in the last two years.

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