Two months for a JetBlue refund?


Roosevelt Ports Jr. was in New Jersey ready to fly JetBlue to Oakland and visit his dad, Ports Sr., but bad weather hit and the flight was canceled.

"I couldn't reschedule because the length of time that he was coming, it would have been up. He would have had to return to school," said Ports Sr. "So it would have made no sense for him to come for two days and go back."

The visit was moved to July, so Ports Sr. figured he'd go back to the airport and get his refund. He had paid in cash, but was told he'd have wait for the refund while a check was prepared and sent to his home.

"To me this is ridiculous," he said. "I went in, I paid cash and I have to wait over two months for a refund."

It was only supposed to take two weeks, but things did not go smoothly. The check was sent, but to the wrong street address. It was sent to Stonehenge rather than Stonegate. Ports Sr. asked for a new check, but it never arrived. So he eventually contacted 7 On Your Side and we got hold of JetBlue. The mistake was fixed and a new check was sent right out – all for $436.70.

"I stayed on them, but to no avail," he said. "I didn't get my money."

Until he contacted 7 On Your Side.

Clearly, JetBlue was trying to refund the money, but just couldn't seem to get the job done. 7 On Your Side helped cut through the red tape and now the Roosevelts, Jr. and Sr., will be getting together next month.

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