Planning begins for pipeline disaster anniversary


While the neighborhood is just beginning to rebuild, the city is starting to think about how to commemorate that awful day, Sept. 9, 2010, which marks the one-year anniversary. The city manager tells ABC7 it will be a collaborative effort between the victims and the city, and that city leaders realize it is a very personal things for people who have lost loved ones, were injured, lost homes, or ran from their homes terrified that fateful night.

"There should be something to remember, mainly the people that perished in this thing and I guess the survivors, too, but moreso for the people that perished," said San Bruno resident Bill Bishop, who had two heart stent replacements due to the stress from that night. "I think something more than a little rock or a bench, I mean come on, that's going to be buried over in no time at all. It should be something that people years from now are going to know what happened up here."

"What affects us personally is loud noises – planes, sudden sounds or the smell of smoke – that bothers us," says resident Nellie Bishop. "But the fact that it's coming up on a year doesn't bother me at all."

Handmade quilts and cards are on display in the City Hall lobby where at Tuesday night's council meeting, the mayor might appoint a subcommittee to start working on how to best commemorate the anniversary so that the victims' needs are met first. It's too early to say whether it's going to involve an event or some type of permanent marker.

The National Transportation Safety Board's report on the probable cause is due out just before the one-year anniversary.

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