Woman jumps on car to stop beer thieves


Monique Lawless says three men walked out of the store on Sunday with three cases of beer they hadn't paid for. The single mother ended up chasing after the men and even jumped on the hood of their getaway car.

Lawless says she's fed up with crime.

"And then he started the car and I knew I needed to get off, because he didn't care and they were laughing at me the whole time in the car. I'm tired of it. Our society needs to stand up and say this is not right, we're not going to put up with it and you will be punished," said Lawless.

She slid off as the car started to drive off. Police later spotted it and chased the suspects down. The three men are now facing charges of aggravated robbery and evading arrest. Lawless has a few cuts and bruises, but, no serious injuries. She says if she could do it all again, she's not sure she would jump on top of the car.

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