Truck involved in Amtrak train crash had citations

RENO, Nev.

The John Davis Trucking Company of Battle Mountain, Nevada was the owner of the truck that plowed into the side of the train on Friday. The family-owned business has been repeatedly cited for crashes and unsafe driving.

The collision happened on Friday in Churchill County, Nevada when the driver of a tractor trailer smashed through the crossing gates and into two double-decker Amtrak cars, killing the driver and five people on board.

Investigators will be looking at a number of possibilities that may have played a role, including fatigue, driver inattention and whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

In addition to the six people who were killed, at least 20 people were injured in the incident, including the assistant conductor who, according to his niece, had to have surgery.

"His right arm is really bad and he almost lost a finger, and they had to sew the finger back on and his right arm was pretty bad," Michelle Childs said. "I'm sure his back is probably messed up. You don't go through an impact like that without having your whole body feel it."

Laurette Lee, the 68-year-old train conductor, was among those who died. Lee, who is from Concord, began her career with the railroad 23 years ago in Martinez.

The National Transportation Safety Board says it will remain at the crash site for ten more days. On Tuesday, investigators will be visiting the trucking company to look through their records and those of the driver.

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