BART platform video released of officer involved shooting


After a news conference, BART released surveillance video of the confrontation.

BART says this is the only video it has of the July 3 shooting at the Civic Center station. It is from the platform surveillance camera and it may be the only video it has.

The video starts with the two officers disembarking at the Civic Center Station platform. You never see Charles Hill, the homeless man police shot, in the video and you really only see the officer who fired.

BART police say Hill threw a knife at the officer. The video shows that knife ricochet off the BART train. It then slides onto the platform floor. BART says the officer fired as Hill raised his arm to throw the knife, but because the video does not show Hill, that is difficult to independently confirm.

The video also shows that when the officer fired, a woman with a baby in a stroller appeared to be just a few feet away.

Thursday afternoon BART also released a photo of that knife hill threw. It has a four inch blade. BART says investigators found a second similar knife near Hill's body on the platform, though they had been saying he had two knives on him.

"Mr. Hill raised the knife and came forward towards the officer like that. After the officer had given him the order to drop the knife. I don't know how many feet away," said BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey.

This shooting has sparked protests in the Bay Area. The officers responded to the Civic Center Station to follow up on a call that Hill was drunk. The officers fired just one minute after arriving on the platform.

ABC7 also learned Thursday that the officer who fired his gun, is the same officer who had a Taser on him but did not use it.

There are about 40 witnesses to the July 3 shooting. Police say they have identified them, but the case remains under investigation.

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