Woman paralyzed at bachelorette party to be wed

Rachelle Friedman will wear the same wedding dress she was supposed to wear one year ago when she was originally supposed to get married. It's been altered to fit better, now that she's in her wheelchair.

Friedman was at her bachelorette party a year ago, when a joking bridesmaid pushed her into a swimming pool, instantly paralyzing her from the chest down.

She says the call to her fiancée, Chris, was tough.

"I just told him straight up, 'You know it's pretty certain that I am not going to walk, you know, I broke my neck and I'm going to be in the hospital for a while,'" Friedman said.

Now, one year later, Friedman will head down the aisle.

She has no bad feelings for the bridesmaid, who will be at the wedding.

Friedman says she also plans to get a tattoo on her neck, with a peace sign and the inscription "let it be."

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