Sen. Feinstein encourages Lee to run for mayor


There are 30 candidates who have so far announced they're running for San Francisco mayor in November. Lee gave his word he would not seek a full term, but if he changes his mind, most political strategists say he would immediately become the front runner.

Lee is out of the office, in fact out of town, but his ears must be burning. After signing the city budget Wednesday, the interim mayor announced he may want to continue in the job. He is considering running in November.

Alex Clemens is a veteran political consultant who says, "Ed Lee has had the best job in American politics for six months. He has been selected to run a great town. He has had none of the targets that politicians usually have on their backs. I think it will be an interesting change for him and the rest of those in the mayor's race, if he declares."

Lee would break a promise he made to supervisors to not seek a full term.

When asked if he would have voted for Lee, if he knew he would try running, Supervisor Mark Farrell said, "No, no. We all voted for Ed Lee and a large part of that was the promise he would not run for mayor come this November."

Farrell has endorsed Michaela Alioto-Pier for mayor. Lee's entrance would alter the political landscape for her and the other candidates.

A strategist for one of the front runners Leland Yee has a stinging video response. However, at the Giants' White House ceremony earlier this week, California's senior Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushed Lee to enter the race and says, "I realize many believe he made some sort of binding promise not to run, but Mayor Lee should not be swayed by that sentiment. His responsibility is to the people of San Francisco."

"His obligation and moral responsibility is to enter the race," said Lee supporter Michael Breyer.

Breyers' group will begin running a commercial on ABC7 suggesting San Francisco should draft Lee for mayor.

So will he or won't he?

"Ed Lee knows the answer to that question and everyone else is just guessing," said Clemens.

The wait won't be much longer. The filing deadline is Aug. 12th.

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