Run Ed Run campaign urging Ed Lee to join race


"Hopefully the work we've accomplished in the past few weeks is enough to encourage Ed to run for mayor," planning commissioner and member of the ad hoc group Christine Olague said.

Lee had promised members of the Board of Supervisors when they chose him for the interim spot that he would not run for the office in November. Lee has avoided any definitive position on whether he will run or not, but in recent weeks, he seems to be wavering.

Monday, at a city event in the Bayview District, Lee was again pressed by reporters on whether he had made up his mind.

The deadline to announce officially is August 12.

"I still haven't paid much attention to the campaign, I've been obviously talking with family and friends just to have a good feel for what I want to do and make sure I make up my mind about this," Lee said.

The Run Ed Run campaign will not turn over the petitions to the Elections Officer, saying instead that they hope the large amount of signatures will encourage Lee to make a run for the position.

Lee had no comment about the petitions, saying he was not in touch with the organizers.

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