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Show topic: Organ Donation

August 7, 2011
Organ Donation
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

This week's show talks about the life-saving gift of organ donation. It's an idea that can bring up fear in some people, but to the many patients awaiting a transplant, it's their only hope.

According to the California Transplant Donor Network, as of July 29, 2011, there were over 72,000 active patients on the National Organ Transplant waiting list. The organs in the highest demand are the kidney, liver, and heart. Each one of those numbers is a human life that is trying to hang on until an organ donor can be found. Clearly, the need for possible organ donors is both constant and urgent.

And did you know that organ and tissue donation can involve many parts of the human body -- beyond just the key organs mentioned above? Donations of skin, cartilage, intestines, and nerves are just a few examples of life-saving gifts our bodies can provide.

Join us as we take a look at how anyone can become a donor, at any age.

Studio Guests

Anthony C. Robinson
Heart Transplant Recipient & Captain of the Investigative Services Bureau, SFFD

Lynn Jimenez
Kidney Donor & Business Reporter, KGO Radio

Noel Sanchez
Community Development Liaison, California Transplant Donor Network

Rusty Kelly
Director of California Operations, SightLife

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