Mom blogger returns from Africa


From the very start, Graff's week in Kenya was a learning experience.

"We drove in a four-wheel drive vehicle down a really rough unpaved road for about a half an hour, and then we hiked for 15 more minutes to this tiny little mud hut," said Graff.

Graff and her fellow bloggers were shadowing home health care workers, bringing families the supplies they need to prevent disease.

The supplies come from U.S. foreign aid -- a fact many Kenyans are keenly aware of. These volunteers felt compelled to thank the bloggers.

"They welcomed us with song and dance and we got off the bus and they just started hugging us," said Graff.

All the while, Graff was taking notes for the nightly posts she wrote on her "momformation" blog at She wants to show her readers that the tiny slice of the federal budget that goes to these foreign aid programs, is well worth it.

"I really tried to offer up examples and tell stories of lives being saved," said Graff.

That includes the lives of mothers she met who might have died giving birth at home, but instead, got to deliver their babies at a health clinic.

"Even though our lives are so different, we're still the same. We still have the same goal. We want to feed our kids. We want happy, healthy kids," said Graff.

It's a theme she says she'll keep writing about now that she's returned.

"It's good to be back because I miss my kids and I miss my husband, but I miss Kenya," said Graff.

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