San Bruno leaders look to pass pipeline legislation

September 6, 2011 12:21:54 PM PDT
The one year anniversary of the deadly explosion and fire in San Bruno is this week. Today, lawmakers are joining residents and city leaders to demand the passage of tough pipeline safety legislation.

Eight people died when the pipeline exploded one year ago. A new bill would have many new requirements for PG&E. Assemblyman Jerry Hill (D) San Mateo is hoping to have the bill passed by Wednesday and signed by Friday -- for the one year anniversary of the blast.

"It's important to get it passed by this week because Friday is the last day of this legislative session. So if it doesn't pass now, it has to until next year and won't take effect until the year after that. If we can get it passed now and I'm hoping the governor will be kind enough to sign it before Friday, before the anniversary of the disaster; that would be great if he does it," said Assemblyman Hill.

"We are delighted that and it is so important that the safety of this neighborhood and others are insured for generations to come. It is very daunting to reflect back on that night and it most likely will not go away for most of us here in this neighborhood. And to know that someone is advocating for neighborhood safety, that is of upmost importance and we are very grateful," said San Bruno resident Darlene Esola.

In a news conference surrounded by supportive residents, Assemblyman Hill outlined some of what the bill would do: some of the points include not allowing PG&E to pass the cost of any fines or penalties onto the rate payers, it would have to come from the shareholders. Also, it would require the utility to look into an automatic shutoff valve.