SJ police were warned about felon with guns

SAN JOSE, Calif.

It turns out San Jose police were warned months ago that the guy was dangerous, but apparently they did not react. On the surface, it seems as if the police report filed in April should have raised all sorts of red flags. Instead, it just fell through the cracks.

The San Jose Police Department's public information officer is looking into the case and notes that nowhere in the report does it state that Mark Sedlock was a felon in possession of registered firearms, which he was. And, this is precisely the fact that Tiffany Mays wants to raise, and the officer in the report did note Sedlock's 2007 arrest and the court docket number which ultimately resulted in his felony conviction.

Mays says she warned San Jose police in April that the man living next door had a criminal history and was dealing guns. Nearly five months later on Tuesday, San Jose police raided Mark Sedlock's home after a completely-unrelated complaint. They found 45 firearms and eight explosive devices so dangerous they had to detonate them on-site.

"I reported this back in April, nothing being done, the police come out, they run a search on him, find out that he has registered guns, says that he's not on parole and that was the end of it," Mays recalled.

The police report does indeed note that Sedlock had firearms registered to him and that both Sedlock and the other man Mays named in the report, her stepfather Melvin Williams, had prior weapons violations. She told police there was evidence of gun dealing.

"Well for one, Mark has approached me with it saying Melvin owned him for guns that he had sold to him," Mays said. "I don't know how felons can get guns so easily. I don't know."

Sedlock is a Vietnam veteran and could have legally obtained the guns before his felony conviction. But how and why did Mays' report in April go unchecked, only for Tuesday's raid to uncover a dangerous cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives which, even when set off safely by police, still damaged her home and broke two windows?

"It's unreal to me right now. I cannot believe everything that transpired. And, just to know that I was living so close to it and having my children in harm's way, it's unreal," Mays told ABC7.

Sedlock is being held at the jail without bail. He was not arraigned or in court Thursday because the district attorney has not formally filed any charges.

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