Office chair provides gym workout


As director of a marketing company Jason Walker is a master multi-tasker, but lately he's thrown something new onto his "to do" list.

"To be able to just stop for a minute or two and clear your head and get the blood flowing is actually pretty invaluable, and it works because it's the thing you're sitting in," said Walker.

The thing he's sitting in is known as the GymyGym. It is part office chair, part workout center. With the turn of a knob the chair converts into a fully functional exercise machine.

"It gets you from 0-60 pretty fast," said Walker.

It has everything from upper body presses to leg extensions.

"There's six handles, so there's four stations and one band for each. And you can do roughly 16 core exercises with variations on those," said GymyGym inventor Adam Ben-David.

Ben-David says he came up with the idea for a desk gym while he was a philosophy student in college, sitting in front of his computer for hours on end.

"We got a few dumbbells, just kind of had those around the chair, got an exercise band, and it really started to snowball into a whole system," said Ben-David.

The bands wrap around a pulley system built into the chair. The user can adjust the tension by raising or lowering the seat.

"You can get roughly 90 to 100 pounds. We have thicker diameter bands and we have thinner ones as well, so you can really dial it up all the way," said Ben-David.

But for desk-bound professionals like Walker it offers something even more valuable -- convenience.

"If I had to get up and do a quick set of pushups or sit-ups to get the blood flowing, I'm just not going to get away from the screen in front of me," said Walker.

The cost of that convenience is just under $600. Ben-David says most of the units are sold via his GymyGym website.

Written and produced by Tim Didion

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