BART's Citizen Review Board questions investigation


The board, created after the Oscar Grant shooting, is seeking any kind of update, both to appease the public and protesters.

Some members of the Citizen Review Board say the lack of information into Hill's shooting has outraged a number of people.

"Has caused arrests, it's caused protests, it's caused damage to property, to BART," said board member Les Mensinger. "The lack of information comes from the San Francisco P.D."

Hill, a transient, was shot by BART police on July 3. SFPD was asked by BART Chief Kenton Rainey to take over the investigation.

"They really, really have been very, very cooperative with us. As I said, we have a great working relationship," said Rainey. "I felt for transparency sake it would be good to have somebody else look at this investigation,"

But now Rainey is getting a directive from this board. They want him to ask SFPD for an update on the investigation.

"What happened, what has happened, what investigative steps have taken place and been completed and what future investigative steps need to be completed," said Rainey.

The Citizen Review Board says they expect some kind of report by their next meeting on Oct. 10.

"He doesn't have to have all the answers, but he has to have some answers," said board president George Perezvelez. "What is the status? What has happened? What do you think is going to happen?"

SFPD has not and is not providing any information, at least not to the media. Still, the chief thinks he can come back to the board with the necessary answers within one month.

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