Mini Tim Lincecum meets his idol


A patch of grass in Novato is like any other field of dreams for young athletes. They all have high hopes of making it to the big leagues. But for 12-year-old Patrick Jameson, he's already being compared to Tim Lincecum, not yet for his skills, but for his looks.

"We take him out a lot and people stop him and sometimes even ask for autographs," said Michael Jameson, Patrick's father.

Patrick looks freakishly like The Freak.

"My teammates call me 'Mini Tim' sometimes. It's kind of fun having people come up to you and say hi, maybe take a picture and shake your hand," said Patrick.

Well we decided to move from one field of dreams to another and make Patrick's wish to meet his idol come true. His family joined him at AT&T Park as he met Cody Ross, walked thru the dugout, and even met Giants manager Bruce Bochey.

"It was awesome getting this close to players and getting their autographs," said Patrick.

And then... the moment of truth.

"Oh my God! It's my young twin!" said Lincecum.

Patrick got Lincecum's autograph and then I introduced them.

"Nice to meet you man, you look awesome," said Lincecum.

After Patrick came down from cloud nine, he described the moment.

"Meeting Tim and getting his autograph, it's what I wanted for the past two years. I feel like my life is complete, it's pretty amazing," said Patrick.

What's amazing is their likeness.

"It was pretty cool to get that reaction from him. Yeah that was pretty cool, except I don't have a goatee," said Patrick.

With this dream fulfilled, maybe one day Mini Tim will be on the field instead of in the stands.

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