Solyndra stonewalls government in investigation

October 1, 2011 1:00:38 AM PDT
There is a new scandal at Solyndra. ABC News reports executives have refused to answer questions about the company's sudden shutdown, including whether they got bonuses as it was failing.

An FBI source tells Bloomberg news Solyndra is under investigation for accounting fraud. It's Fremont headquarters were raided Sept. 8, two days after the company filed for bankruptcy protection.

Solyndra received a $528 million government loan guarantee and is also under investigation by Congress.

A Solyndra spokesman issued a statement today saying the company is not aware of any wrongdoing by any of Solyndra's officers, directors, or employees.

By the way, the energy department today approved another three point five billion dollars in solar energy loan guarantees like the one Solyndra got. That program runs out at midnight Oct. 1.