Three killed in San Leandro party shooting


Roger Kiel says he woke up Sunday morning worried because his daughter had not yet returned home from a party. Then he got a call from his sister about a story she saw on the news.

"There was a party in San Leandro, and I said my daughter went to the party," Kiel said. "She (the sister) said that the...vehicle looked like my vehicle."

Kiel said his 19-year-old daughter borrowed his green Ford Explorer Saturday evening to take six of her friends to the party.

"I'm devastated," Kiel said. "I'm looking at the car, with bullet holes in my windshield where I sit, so I know my daughter suffered a horrible death."

Kiel says two of his daughter's friends were also shot to death. One of them was a 16-year-old girl; the other victim was a 20-year-old man.

Police say the gunfire started after the party let out between 1 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Investigators are trying to figure out who organized the party.

"This party was advertised on the internet," said Sgt. Doug Calcagno. "It seemed the partygoers were all throughout the Bay Area."

Calcagno said anywhere from 100 to 400 people may have been in attendance.

ABC7 found several online posts by people who said they were at the party, including one man who wrote on his Facebook page: "I saw two beauty girls and one boy who may have kids at home die tonight."

One person said on their Twitter feed: "I do really believe that everything happens for a reason. (Three) people died tonight for everybody to get a message. I hope you received it (because) I did."

Kiel says he wants everyone at the party to call police with any information they may have.

"Nothing can bring her back," Kiel said, "But if I get some justice for her, I know my baby can rest in peace."

Kiel said the shooting may have been triggered by an exchange of words between one of his daughter's friends and two other men.

Police say they're still trying to hammer down a motive. Anyone with information is being asked to call their anonymous tip line at (510) 577-3278.

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