Oakland police, Fruitvale community meet over crime


There is a three-fold plan to add more officers to the street, have more community meetings, and to use technology as another crime-fighting tool.

Merchants form the Fruitvale business district and police officers gathered on Wednesday to discuss safety outside their shops and the role they expect city leaders to play. They want city leaders to do more than just capture crimes on the cameras that were installed shortly after the death of popular restaurant owner Jesus "Chuy" Campos.

It has been more than six months after Campos was gunned down in a botched early-morning robbery that took place in the doorway of restaurant, Otaez Mexicatessen. He and his wife have owned the restaurant for more than two decades.

His killers have yet to be identified. The investigation remains open and city leaders say they understand the frustration in the community and what appears to be an increase in violent crime. However, they insist the cameras and community meetings make a difference.

Local business owners don't want people to fear coming to their community. Police say they'll add a dozen more cameras to crime hotspots near Fruitvale and Foothill. A lot of the crime cameras are along International Boulevard. Police were also quick to point out that since the installation of the cameras, their robbery numbers have gone down. They also mention that a previously discussed grant will put 25 more officers on the street.

There is another community meeting scheduled for Oct. 15, 2011.

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