Brown signs handgun open carry ban

October 10, 2011 1:35:46 PM PDT
One of most controversial laws Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law late last night will ban Californians from openly carrying unloaded handguns. The issue has long pitted gun rights supporters against law enforcement and public safety advocates. Starting Jan. 1, 2012 it is going to be illegal to openly carry an unloaded handgun.

Livermore and Walnut Creek were two Bay Area cities that had pro-open carry demonstrations in the past year. And at least one man that ABC7 spoke with in Livermore Monday says he has a plan to stay armed. Walter Stanley says, come Jan.1, he plans to openly carry an unloaded shotgun or rifle, neither of which is covered under the ban.

"The willful disregard of our individual rights should be offensive to everybody," Walter Stanley said.

Stanley wears an unloaded handgun on his hip. He says he was disappointed that Brown signed AB144 into law.

Brown says he made his decision because it was California police chiefs wanted. They, and other supporters of the ban, say open carry wastes law enforcement's time and resources.

A spokesperson with the Brady Campaign says it is a great victory for them.

Stanley calls it a loss for all Americans.

Violators face up to one year in jail and $1,000 in fines.