Independent investigator presents drowning findings


Raymond Zack, 53, died on Memorial Day when he waded into the cold water to commit suicide. Rescuers stayed on the beach because Alameda's Fire Department hadn't been certified in water rescues.

Tuesday, an independent investigator officially presented his report that was critical of the city's handling of the incident. Residents didn't like what happened either.

"The death of Raymond Zack was completely preventable and negligent homicide. Citizens have asked the attorney general to investigate it as a crime," said Alameda resident Adam Gillitt.

"I think that the reasonable people of the town have seen the effort that has been put into righting the wrong and making sure that their safety is paramount," said Firefighters Association President Dominick Weaver.

A group of citizens has also launched a petition to have the Alameda County Fire Department take over fire protection for the city of Alameda.

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