Occupy Wall Street movement hits Walnut Creek


Whether in front of Bank of America in Walnut Creek or Chevron in San Ramon, the anti-corporate protests that have swept through America's big cities, made their way to the suburbs.

"They're keeping profits offshore that they could be investing in the United States," said protester Ellis Goldberg.

In Contra Costa County, the protests come in a climate where the foreclosure crisis has cost tens of thousands of people their homes.

"I'm afraid I'm going to lose it," said Brentwood resident Alex Sotskov.

Sotskov is trying to hold onto his house, after losing his job with Bank of America. He thinks the protestors speak for him and many like him, struggling in this economy.

"And finally, people started to realize you know people can do something and people have some power," said Sotskov.

"I think we're a victim of our own success. It's corporate greed. We go to other countries for cheaper labor," said job seeker Joseph Ramirez.

But at least one of the big corporations targeted by protesters claims the criticism aimed their way is largely misplaced.

"I think we're all frustrated with the state of the economy right now and what we really need is more jobs and more economic development and our industry can do that," said Chevron spokesman Sean Comey.

A group in Walnut Creek stood outside Tiffany and Company with a sign saying "Tax the rich and their corporations." The group plans to be there until nightfall.

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