DA concerned about white supremacists in SF


Last November, two Mexican nationals were attacked outside a bar in the tTenderloin by a group of white supremacists yelling as they beat one of the men unconscious.

Three men were arrested. One of the men, Anthony Weston, testified against the other two.

"In exchange for giving us the information about skin heads moving here to San Francisco he was offered a plea bargain," San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Victor Hwang said.

Weston served 10 months in prison. The other two have not been sentenced. But Weston gave investigators information about white supremacist groups in San Francisco. Investigators also found Nazi and white supremacists paraphernalia inside one of the attacker's apartment.

According to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, there are three groups operating in the city.

"We have probably in excess of 40 to 50 individuals that are documented white supremacists and nearly another 150 or so that are associates that are operating within the city," Gascon said.

The district attorney's office says they are involved in drug trafficking, identity theft and other crimes. Most of them belonged to a white supremacist group in prison and have moved to San Francisco.

The three men arrested in this case had served time in prison.

"San Francisco, we are being told by some of the people we've talked to, is a good place to come, there are a lot of services, it's a good place to come and operate," Gascon said.

One of the victims was at Thursday's press conference. He is under the protection of the Mexican government.

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