iPhone 4S goes on sale Friday morning

In front of the Apple store in Los Gatos, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was first in line to buy the iPhone 4S and he told ABC7 he'll be there all night to buy one just like everyone else.

"Every single iPhone was that worthy. It made me think of when I was in college waiting overnight to get tickets to see The Rolling Stones in Winterland. All night long we'd stay up. So I've done it for all these events, even though I don't have to," said Wozniak.

In Palo Alto a dozen people were waiting, some of them in tents provided by OtterBox, a Denver cellphone case company, that was hoping to cash in on the publicity.

"We're also here just to enjoy the party, enjoy the fun time that everybody is going to have on the streets here," said Brett Sanchez from OtterBox.

For some it was a bit more somber, reflecting on the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs this past week.

"This is a special store. This was Steve's store, he lived just down the street here," said Bob Davis from San Jose.

At CNET we asked senior editor Kent German to give us his review.

"Well you know it is an incremental upgrade over the previous version the iPhone4, but it has a lot of good changes that I think people really like. It has a faster processor, it has a little better camera," said German.

But the coolest new feature is Siri, a voice activated program that will talk to you, look up places, send messages, and answer questions.

When asked what is the best cellphone? Siri will respond, "You're kidding right? Wait there are other cellphones?"

Of course it sounds like Siri has a little attitude to add to the fun of it. When asked what Siri thought of Google's Android cellphone, she wouldn't dignify that question with a comprehensible answer.

On Friday, at 8 a.m. the iPhone 4S with Siri will go on sale at Apple Stores.

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