Berkeley dog survives being shot with 38 BBs


A 1-year-old pit bull named "Daphne" is shy and extremely nervous around people, but alive. The bare patches on Daphne's flank and chest are where pellets were removed. There are still more than two dozen still in her body. They were discovered when she was spayed this week.

"They noticed suspicious looking bumps and x-rayed her and found 38 BBs in her, embedded in various places throughout her body," said Amelia Funghi from Berkeley Animal Services.

Daphne was found at the Berkeley Marina. Funghi says whoever did this has no respect for life. Last March they found two other pit bull pups believed to be Daphne's sisters also in the marina. One had a few pellets in her that were removed. Both pups were placed with families, but Amelia says they'll be brought in to get x-rayed in case they were also shot multiple times.

Amelia says that it cost $500 to remove just eight pellets from Daphne, but it's going to cost thousands more to get the rest.

"It's probably more than one surgery because of the length of time it will take to find those, so it's probably a series of surgeries and surgeries are quite expensive," said Funghi.

It may cost thousands of dollars, money the shelter just doesn't have. If Daphne is to survive and be available for adoption the pellets have to come out. John O'Conner was at the marina walking his dog Friday night. He wonders what could have motivated the shooter.

"I can't imagine what would... I mean was it a game? Or were they trying to put the animal down? There are easier ways to do it than just shooting at them," said O'Conner.

If anyone has information on Daphne's owner or wish to donate to cover surgery expenses, they can contact Berkeley Animal Services.

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