List: San Francisco number 4 among angry cities


A new list released by The Daily Beast has San Francisco ranked number four among angry metropolitan areas in the United States.

The survey compared the number of those who identify as Tea Party supporters with individuals who are participating in localized 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrations.

According to the website, there are ten times more 'Occupy' demonstrators than Tea Party supporters, at least based on Tea Party statistics from 2009 and more-recent figures on 'Occupy' protesters.

The website says for every one million people, there are 6,000 protesters in the San Francisco metropolitan area.

The list isn't without merit: Tea Party supporter and GOP nominee candidate Michele Bachmann has been spotted twice in the Bay Area over the past few months for fundraising efforts, while localized 'Occupy' demonstrations have popped up in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley, Richmon, Walnut Creek and Napa.

Seattle, Portland and Denver edge out San Francisco with angrier citizens.

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