AZ mom banned from 8 McDonald's

October 28, 2011 1:20:53 AM PDT
An Arizona mom has been banned from eight McDonald's, after she documented what she says were dirty and dangerous conditions in their playgrounds. Erin Carr-Jordan posted a video on YouTube, showing old food, hair, a used-band aid, and profane graffiti.

Jordan says she only posted the video after alerting management at least six different times, all with no results. She also took swabs to a lab to be tested. They found 13 types of potentially harmful bacteria.

"It's a threat to anyone. The levels are so high of the bacteria that are growing there, that it is dangerous on every level," said Jordan.

The owner of those McDonald's franchises initially promised to clean up the play areas, but now he's threatened to charge her with trespassing, saying she's become disruptive to employees and customers.