Family has trouble with shutters during renovation


The family was adding a new room and, amazingly, the whole project went without a hitch until the very end.

Everything looked perfect in the new bathroom the Lubeck Family built, but there is a problem: The nice shutters they purchased are too wide for their room.

"I could see the shutters were off-center," said Stacey Lubeck. "You can see the frame, but over here it's not there."

Lubeck was demonstrating how the wooden shutters stretch beyond the window frame and slightly into an alcove. There used to be shelves in the alcove, but they no longer fit.

"I didn't feel that great," Lubeck said. "We spent -- it was a lot of money for us to buy a shutter."

The window covering cost them $780 and Stacey said it should fit, so the Lubecks called JC Penney, where they'd purchased the shutters. To their relief, the retailer agreed to correct the problem.

"She was like, that doesn't sound right, we should fix that," Lubeck said.

A technician came and measured the window, so they Lubecks assumed they'd get a new shutter. Instead, no one came and no one called, so they contacted the store.

"The said, oh we're working on it," Lubeck said. "Nothing would happen."

Weeks went by. Then months. Still, no shutters. The customs shelves sat idly behind a door.

"We're like, great, now what do we do?" Lubeck said. "They we decided to contact 7 On Your Side."

ABC7 contacted JC Penney and, after looking into their case, the store agreed to give the Lubecks all their money back.

The store said customer service "is our No. 1 priority. We were able to resolve the customers' issue by refunding the full cost of the shutters and letting them keep the shutters that were installed in their home."

"Finally, we got some resolution," Lubeck said. "We're getting a new shutter, thank you very much."

ABC7 would like to thank JC Penney for stepping up and refunding the money.

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