Parade honors veterans in San Francisco


The Veterans Day parade started on Montgomery Street and went down Market Street, finally ending at City Hall. Groups marching in this parade paid special attention to the 70th anniversary of World War II and the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war.

There were a number of veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan war marching on Friday. The day drew a lot of attention to the unemployment rate among the younger veterans: The jobless rate is higher for them compared to the rest of the nation.

An organization called Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is helping find jobs for the men and women who served.

"Less than one percent of Americans serve in the military right now," said Afghanistan war veteran Ann Weeby, "To connect people is very important. To get people jobs is very important, and that is the work that is being done to guarantee they are successful."

The Senate passed a bill on Thursday allowing tax credits for companies that hire veterans. The house could pass the bill next week. The Obama administration is expected to announce new online services and a job bank to help veterans search for new jobs.

Veterans from the Korean and Vietnam wars also participated in Friday's march.

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