New details surface from Scott Olsen's past

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Since his injury, Olsen brought international attention to the Occupy Oakland encampment. He is now out of the hospital, but still cannot talk.

"He suffered a brain injury from a teargas projectile fired at him, and he's just now recovering his speech."

He was honored by Veteran's For Peace and the Occupy San Jose group on this Veterans Day. But conservative bloggers and some military service members are raising red flags about Olsen's military service.

They point to a website, which is no longer active, called It's registered to a Scott Olsen. The site is also listed on Olsen's YouTube profile page. It's a forum for Marines to vent about the aspects of the corps they don't like. George Johnson is a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam War and a member of Veterans For Peace.

"I know Scott I met him between his first and second tours in Iraq and I tried to talk him out of going back a second time," said Johnson. When asked about the website, he said, "Maybe he does hate the Marine Corps. That's his privilege, you know. There's a lot to hate about outfits like that."

According to a story published by Reuters, Olsen also received an administrative discharge from the Marines, instead of an honorable discharge.

These new details of Scott Olsen's military record are extremely controversial, especially for members of the Marine Corps and people who have family who served.

Diane Layfield participated in San Jose's Veterans Day Parade. Her son, a marine, was killed in Iraq in 2004.

"To come home and dishonorably bash the Marines, to me is out of line and pathetic," said Layfield.

ABC7 tried contacting friends and family of Olsen for their comments on the former website and details about his discharge, but we are yet to get a response.

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