CPSC releases safe toy tips

The Consumer Product Safety Commission delivered some comforting news for parents, aunts, uncles, anyone, buying for kids.

Toy recalls have dropped way down compared to just a few years ago. There were 172 toys pulled from shelves back in 2008. This year, there were only 34 toy recalls.

Tighter safety regulations have reduced some of the dangers we've seen before, such as high lead content or loose parts. Still, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned parents to choose toys wisely.

"For little children, don't buy balloons or a toy with small balls or small parts, because it's not appropriate. And at certain ages, children put everything in their mouth. Make sure you keep anything with small magnets away from children," said Inez Tenenbaum form the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The agency has tips to find toys suitable for children in each age group.

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