76-year-old skateboarder rolls through life


Lloyd Kahn spends most days at his home studio in Bolinas running Shelter Publications, but when this 76-year-old gets any free time, he's out skateboarding.

"I started skating when I was 65, but the first ride I took I fell and screwed up my wrist, but I kept at it," said Kahn.

You don't see many 76 year olds on a skateboard.

"When you're older and trying to learn a new sport that involves coordination and balance, I think it's good for your brain and it's also good for your body to have to balance," said Kahn.

He somewhat caters to the "use it or lose it" philosophy.

"That's true, I don't use it because I'm afraid of losing it. I use it cause its fun," said Kahn.

This San Francisco native has spent the last 40 years in Bolinas surfing or running in his spare time. He's not afraid of falling off his skateboard, but what about his wife?

"She thinks I'm kind of crazy, but she's cool with it," said Kahn.

"I try not to worry. He's a risk taker, he's always got to be doing something exciting," said Leslie Kahn.

Lloyd knows his limits. He says, "when I get going so fast that I can't get off and stay on my feet. I've got to get off before that point."

He's skating with kids a quarter of his age.

"They love it they really do love it, some kid said on Sunday when we were out there, 'total respect man,'" said Kahn.

"He's very good. I think he should be in the next X Games. He's that good," said Wayman Lew, a spectator.

Having fun also keeps you young.

"I guess having fun is thought of as something you do when you're young because older people don't have much fun. Every day, I really do want to have some kind of fun," said Kahn.

Kahn thinks too many people give up as they get older.

"I think it's good to encourage older people to get out and do stuff. I have a son that's 50 years old, I mean 50? I used to think 50 was pretty old," said Kahn as he laughed.

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