Tips to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals

Maybe you skipped the crowded shops and malls this weekend, or maybe you have more shopping to do. Today's the day to put your feet up and get good deals from the comfort of home.

Here are some tips to safely shop on Cyber Monday; make sure you have anti-virus software; shop at trusted sites and pay with a credit card, not debit. For the best deals; monitor Facebook and Twitter for unadvertised sales and discounts. But even then, don't settle for the first deal you find -- research before you buy.

But as exciting as the online savings may be, experts warn not to get caught up in all the retail buzz, especially with things like step-up promotions.

"In other words, at this price point you can get free shipping, at the next price point you can get free gift-wrapping and free shipping or a free purchase of some sort and consumers tend to buy things they don't necessarily need or wouldn't have bought to get to that next level," said Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow.

Black Friday broke records. About 226 million shoppers spent more than $52 billion over the four day holiday weekend. That's up from $45 billion last year. The average shopper spent $398.

Those numbers include in-store and online shopping. Ecommerce broke records on Black Friday, up 26 percent. The most popular sites were Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy.

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