Labor groups march in San Francisco


Although they chanted "shut it down, shut it down," they didn't actually shut the Hyatt down. People at the hotel were free to come and go.

It was just one of many stops the group made while walking the Financial District.

"It was at the federal building in order to talk about protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; we also marched on some of the banks who have been kicking a lot of our people out of the houses and are sitting on tons of money and not helping us create any jobs," San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson said.

Later, the labor unions joined the Occupy movement at Justin Herman Plaza for a concert.

"There's construction workers that are out here, the teachers are here, there's postal workers obviously the hotel workers are here public sector workers it's the whole span of the 99 percent that are out here to get their message out," Paulson said.

Fred Pecker is a longshoreman with Union Local 6.

"The corporations have shown that they're irresponsible they're wrecking economies all over the world and it's time to start taking care of what people need, housing, education, and jobs," Pecker said.

Mary Winegarden lectures at San Francisco State, where students Thursday started their own encampment.

"We are so underpaid and over worked and it's so unfair to our students that their tuition was raised yet again by 9 percent," Winegarden said. "A lot of my students are working two jobs and they can't afford it and they deserve that education."

Once the concert was over, the union protesters claened up and left, leaving the Occupy protesters at the camp.

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