Oakland hopes holday season will bring shoppers


The grounds in front of Oakland's City Hall were damaged by the occupy encampment. Business owners fear Oakland's reputation has been further tarnished by recent events.

"This morning on the radio there were a few people saying, 'I feel sorry for Oakland, the merchants,' hey, come on down, buy and shop," Oakland Chamber Of Commerce spokesperson Joseph Haraburda said.

Oakland is also pushing this year's Children's Holiday Parade more than ever. The hope is consumers will stay and shop in Oakland.

Even Montclair, Oakland's upscale neighborhood is having a tough time convincing nearby cities to drive the tunnel or hit the highway to come here.

Jen Frick says local businesses are vital to this community.

"I live in Oakland, I am a store owner in Oakland, my kids go to school in Oakland, we shop in Oakland and so when we keep our money here and support each other, there is no better way to reinvest in the economy," Frick said.

"Money stays locally is the best, it helps the economy so poverty goes away and the city has money," Montclair Malt Shop owner Nemat Modarresi said.

"Small businesses are the back bone of our community, we need to support our communities, it's better for everyone, our school businesses everything," Oakland resident Andrea Mushin said.

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