Protest called off at Port of Oakland overnight


After shutting down the 3 a.m. shift, the protesters voted at about 4 a.m. to end the demonstration.

There were about 3,000 marchers who made their way to the port last night. The 7 p.m. shift was canceled for safety reasons. About 100 to 200 longshoreman lost a day of wages. The protesters said to expect more from them in the future.

"The tent camping is over and we are geared to stay as occupiers in different forms; occupying against foreclosed homes, occupying the Port of Oakland and other ports across the West Coast. So things like that are going to continue happening. Boycotts of big box stores, moving money into small credit unions is going to continue happening, even though the tent camps are getting shutdown," said Occupy protestor Lucas Thayer.

The protests were peaceful and no arrests were made. It should be business as usual at the port today.

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